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What Does a ThinkTank Do?

ThinkTanks are designed for mass discussions, consensus building, and collective intelligence. Unlike forums and chat-rooms, ThinkTanks are able to handle unlimited numbers of users. Through live peer-review and specially designed language filtering software, messages are instantly filtered down to a manageable number, and only the most significant and relevant posts are delivered to each user. The more users participating in a discussion, the richer and more productive the discussion becomes.

The ThinkTank Advantage

Forums and Chatrooms have inherently low limits on the number of users who can participate at one time. If too many users join the same forum or chatroom at the same time, the number of messages also increase, until there are so many messages no one can keep up. ThinkTanks overcome this limitation, and turn heavy user traffic into a blessing, rather than a burden. Instead with a ThinkTank, as the number of users increase, the messages are filtered down automatically through the live peer-review systems, allowing the number of messages each user sees to always remain the same, and instead filtered down to the most important and popular ones.

The ThinkTank System

As users share their thoughts, others can support these thoughts by clicking the 'Support Thought' button. When a number of other users have supported the same thought, the supported thought is then escalated up the ThinkTank to the next ranking of users, where is is reposted, and can be resupported if needed. If a thought is supported and escalated all the way to the very top ranks of users in the ThinkTank, and then is supported again, the thought will then be broadcast to everyone in the ThinkTank.

ThinkTank Rating Points

ThinkTank Rating Points determine what rank a user holds. The more rating points a user has, the lower their ThinkTank Rank will become, the user with the most rating points is ranked 1st. There are a number of different ways to gain or lose rating points. Please click the link below to learn more.

ThinkTank User Rank

All ThinkTank users are ranked in accordance with the their total rating points. A user's rank is what determines at what level in a ThinkTank discussion they will be placed. The highest ranked users will be placed at the top of the discussion, discussing the topic with the highest calibre users in the discussion, and set in charge of moderating the discussion and given the power of broadcasting. The lowest ranked users, including all anonymous users, will be placed at the bottom of the discussion, discussing the topic with the lowest calibre users in the discussion, and must work to earn more rating points to climb the ranks and prove their calibre of thinking.

Adding ThinkTank Friends

ThinkTank Friends can be added two different ways. The first way, is to click on another user's name in a discussion, bringing you to their ThinkTank profile page. Once there, click on the 'Add as a Friend' button at the bottom of the profile. The second way is to click 'Manage Friends' on the menu-bar at the top of the screen under the 'My Settings' menu-tab. This will bring you to your friends and subscriptions manager where you can add, remove, message or manage ThinkTank friends and subscriptions. Once a friend has been added, they will receive a message and can choose to accept or decline the friendship. Friends can be invited to join in a discussion, and if they accept, they will be transported to the discussion, and participate at the same ranking as their friend.

Subscribing to Users

Users can decide to subscribe to one another, either by accessing their user's profiles, or by clicking 'Manage Friends', under the 'My Settings' menu-tab on the menu-bar at the top of the screen. By subscribing to a user, whenever that user is in the same discussion, messages they post will be displayed, regardless of what ranking in the discussion they are at. Each time a user gains a subscriber, they gain 25 points. Each time a user looses a subscriber, they loose 10 points.

Anonymous Users

Users who do not wish to create a free account, can anonymously participate in ThinkTank discussions, but will not gain rating points, will not be able to support thoughts, and will always be placed with the lowest ranked users in the discussion. Also, non-anonymous users have the option of disabling anonymous posts, as some anonymous users may not respect the discussions. Furthermore, anonymous users can only participate in ThinkTank discussions that are both public, and support anonymous thinkers.

Get Your Own ThinkTank

If you have a website, you can put your own ThinkTank on it, for free! Choose one or more types of ThinkTanks:

Put a Discussion Thought Portal on your website to display the ongoing and archived thoughts of a ThinkTank discussion, whether the discussion is from a ThinkTank discussion on your website, or another website.

Put a ThinkTank Portal on your website to allow website visitors to participate in a public ThinkTanks directly from your website, thereby representing your website in any and all publc discussions.

Put a ThinkTank Platform on your website to create and control your own ThinkTank categories, topics, and discussions, and to customize and control the ThinkTank platform for your website and its users.